Durga Devi Doll


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Dharma Dolls is proud to present our first doll to be none other than the Universal Mother, Devi Durga Ma!

Durga Ma is the embodiment of kindness, grace and unconditional love. She holds such a special connection with each of her children. Being able to introduce this at such a young age from the moment that they are born is what has been the motivation for Dharma Dolls throughout the entire process.

We consider ourselves to be extremely blessed to create a huggable Durga Ma doll. Your Dharma Doll includes Vedic mantras and chants recorded by revered Pundits and artists. Give Ma’s tiger a hug to hear the special recorded mantras that aid in creating a positive aura for you and your loved ones. Vocals featuring: Legendary Bollywood Artist – Alka Yagnik.

We are so excited for Durga Ma to make her grand arrival into your homes and hearts!

Jai Mata Di!

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 11 in